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Pedestrian street using hydraulic bollard has become a popular trend
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With the emphasis on the practical advantages of hydraulic rising bollard in the pedestrian street and the barriers to dangerous vehicles, more and more pedestrian street entrances and exits began to install automatic lifting columns, and this installation trend has been continuously expanded. At present, the use of hydraulic rising bollard in pedestrian streets has become a popular trend.hydraulic bollard.jpgI believe that friends who often visit the pedestrian street know that in the early days, there was no device that specifically blocked the intrusion of vehicles. The cars, motorcycles and other vehicles were ready to enter the pedestrian street, especially in some small places. The pedestrian street (such as the rural market pedestrian street, the town pedestrian street, etc.) has no restrictions on the entry and exit of vehicles. However, we do not know that this practice of not restricting the entry and exit of vehicles will cause great security risks to people in the pedestrian streets. At any time, they may face traffic accidents involving forced intrusion of vehicles, collision or crushing. The occurrence of people's lives and property security is difficult to obtain effective protection. In fact, earlier on the Internet, there were often reports of "where there are vehicles breaking into the pedestrian street, how many people were killed by crushing and killing" and so on. Later, in order to improve the recurrence of this phenomenon, pedestrian streets in many places began to block roadblocks at the entrances and exits of pedestrian streets. However, such barriers were either fixed fixtures or heavy weights, which made it impossible for all vehicles. When entering the pedestrian street, when encountering an emergency or waiting for a special situation (such as fire, first aid, leadership inspection, bulk cargo handling, etc.), the inaccessibility of the vehicle will cause great inconvenience.

Therefore, many pedestrian streets hope to have a device that not only effectively blocks the forced entry of vehicles, but also prevents people in pedestrian streets from being threatened by the safety of life and property. It can also effectively implement the restriction policy to facilitate vehicles in special circumstances. Enter the pedestrian street. The hydraulic rising bollard is meeting this requirement of the pedestrian street.

When the hydraulic rising bollard is installed at the entrance and exit of the pedestrian street, the automatic lifting column can be set to the raised state during normal times. At this time, the vehicle is not only restricted to enter the pedestrian street, but the strong anti-collision function of the lifting column can also effectively block the vehicle from forcibly breaking into the pedestrian street and endangering the lives and property of the people in the pedestrian street. When the vehicle is required to enter the pedestrian street, the automatic lifting column can be set to the lowered state. At this time, the vehicle is free to enter and exit the pedestrian street. When encountering various special circumstances, such as fires, earthquakes, floods, etc., which require rapid first aid, the hydraulic rising bollard can also automatically drop, ensuring that there are no roadblocks at the entrance and exit of the pedestrian street, and unimpeded, allowing people to quickly leave the ambulance. Fire vehicles can quickly arrive at the scene to carry out rescue.

The person in charge of the lifting column of RS Security Co.,Ltd once said that “the application of hydraulic rising bollard in the pedestrian street will not only effectively block the forced entry of illegal vehicles, but also limit the entry of non-qualified vehicles, greatly improving the safety of pedestrian streets. The coefficient will also help the pedestrian street to create a more intelligent pedestrian street, so that people can enjoy the safety and convenience brought by smart life. Therefore, hydraulic rising bollard will soon be widely used in pedestrian streets."

In fact, at present, the use of hydraulic rising bollard in the pedestrian street has shown a trend of popularity, I believe that soon after, all the pedestrian streets can see the intelligent hydraulic lifting column.




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